September Editorial

September 26, 2007

There’s an old tale about a frog in a pot of water. If you turn the heat up very slowly, the frog just sits there and boils to death. In case you didn’t notice, it’s been getting awfully hot in Sri Lanka. More people are dead, more are without homes, and inflation and corruption are picking the pockets of all. Are you hopping mad, or are you sitting still?

Sri Lanka is actually a perfect fit for the ‘boiled frog’ metaphor. We are literally a small pond where everyone thinks they’re a big fish. Thirdtier feudals like the Rajapaksa family behave like generational kings. Everybody and their uncle is a Minister, entitled to a security detail of six and their choice of imported cars. Each Minister, in turn, appoints scores of their cronies to redundant government posts and promises even more to agitated university students. However, in the grand scheme of things, these people are barely qualified to manage a 7-11. Everyone feels like a big fish, when they are really just warty toads.

Take those two metaphors, and you have a small pond on slow boil. We have generations of feudal leaders who feel entitled to power, cars, attendants and more. We have new money politicians who have no scruples at all, turning Parliament into a mafia, simply taxing, borrowing, extorting, robbing and often assaulting the public while delivering nothing. In the midst of it all you have Sri Lankan citizens, blinking stupidly wherestheir blood should be boiling.

Hundreds of thousands of our citizens live in tents. You may not have noticed, but nobody has civil rights. Under Emergency Regulations our Constitution effectively doesn’t exist – we can be searched, seized and jailed on the whim of the state. Meanwhile, the state is run like a mafia and our ‘security’ forces are implicated in abductions, killings of aid workers and more. We have given up our national rights with nary a peep, letting the threat of the LTTE lower the level of our basic civilization. Our very Constitution and identity as a democratic nation is melting into so much pulp.

But Sri Lankans sit still. We might go to a protest if we get a lunchpacket. We might yell ‘Mahinda Chinthaney’ when food prices go up at the office canteen. But it’s not enough. The Rajapaksa family is stealing more generational wealth every day. Our young soldiers are sleeping and dying in the jungle while Mahinda’s naval son has been shipped off to
train in the UK. The rampant inflation is making each paycheck carry a bit less far. The war is taking us down a well-worn path. The slow boil is rising fast. If you feel it, maybe you should do something. Doesn’t have to be anything drastic, just kick, flap and make some noise. Perhaps the toads selling us out will start feeling the heat as well.


3 Responses to “September Editorial”

  1. galleblogger said

    noo! really ?!?!? but…but.. i thought i was in the land like not other! but…but.. what tents? bring one example of tent! give me the name of someone who lives in a tent, yes, that’s it! give me the name, otherwise there are no tents…!
    i don’t believe u, u r some sort of ingot,ah! u must be paid by the bbc, yes that’s it! sure, u must be a pacifist, yes, or maybe germano-norwegian, who isn’t a patriot either, yes u r against us, but we got thoppigala, we are richer now! are u from unp? or a white assed foreigner, yes, maybe u r amnsty international, otr the un, u know, all those horas, u know… don’t u?
    what emergency regs!!! hu? u mean kickin ppls’ butts for nothing? what u mean? u r with the terrorists? how can we maintain security and make sure there are no bombs? u expect us to work!?!?!? u expect us to have INTELLIGENCE?
    u expect rights? we have rights, EVERYBODY is wrong, the whole world is biased! they dont like us, …..
    now i get it! u must be one of those u know, those guys with brains, u know…. u must be dreaming, we are winning the war, ppl aren’t dying, economy is good, engalande is coming, c’mon murli, c’mon!
    yeah, i’m hopping mad….momtagesl!

  2. javajones said

    You said it man! And as we’ve said before, ‘apathy’ is the bane of our race! What to do (as the folk here are fond of saying)???

  3. poojitha said

    yeah but sad to say we don’t have any more party to vote for, all the guys in the parliament are professional crooks, what to do,i want to live some where else

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