Real broadband

August 22, 2007

By Rohan Samarajiva

Why broadband?

Just a few years ago, we were trying to figure out what the Internet was. Those days, pretty much everyone was using the Internet from their workplaces: using dial-up.

Now, life doesn’t feel complete without broadband. Some have always-on connections even from their homes, and their concern is that it takes ages to download a video clip, or that on most days, it’s impossible.

Is this some kind of upper-middle class fad, here today, gone tomorrow?

Doesn’t seem to be. Sri Lanka’s first mesh network popped up in Mahavilachchiya, within hoo distance of Wilpattu. They’ve got broadband; they’ve got blogs; they’ve even got a BPO. A BPO is a place that takes a part of a firm’s operations and does it for them. Not for charity, but for real money.

People are making money in the middle of the jungle using computers and telecom. Without broadband, they could not.

Broadband is not only about work and making money. It’s fun. One of the key drivers of broadband in the most advanced broadband country in Asia (and indeed the whole world, for a few years until little Iceland overtook it) is gaming.

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